Friday, 10 August 2012

online shopping encyclopaedia


I believe I have mentioned before that I like online shopping. So for those of you interested in this, here is a list of shopping websites - my personal favourites and some others that I know of.
needs no introduction, their selection of premium brands is great, they have fast delivery and good customer service. Free return of goods.
they put together beautiful items from different boutiques all over the world. great service and free returns. Delivery can be quite pricy for express and no option for standard delivery.
also very good brands selection, very good delivery and service. Free return of goods. 
great selection of premium designers, free delivery, free returns. 
a great selection of designers, but fewer big labels and more niche. My absolute favourite. Free standard delivery, free return of goods.
very nice selection, premium designers. No free returns but in case you want an exchange, the shipping of the new item is free of charge.
based in Emirates but delivers international. Nice and extensive selection of designers. Free returns.
selection is quite small but nice. No free returns.
if you do not mind wearing last season clothes or shoes try yoox. An online outlet with a huuuuge selection. Great service, fast delivery.
you know those designer H&M collections that are sold out in minutes? Well, you can find all of them on ebay. They are a bit more expensive and still worth it. Plus, you get the thrill of an online auction.
the outlet of net-a-porter, full of last season beauties at great prices. Good service, free returns. 
selection of more affordable designer lines. Fast delivery and free return of goods. 
great selection, super premium, great service. And their deliveries come in a cute Matches box...
premium selection of high end brands. Free exchange and returns.
premium brands and some you haven't yet heard of, including a large selection of accessories and works of art.
just like Matches, cool premium brands. No free returns.
the online shop of the London store. Good service and delivery.
puts together an impressive selection from many retailers and a large number of brands. Good delivery and service.
nice selection. Shipping quite pricy and no free returns.
quite a mixed selection of high and low, nice brands. Free return and exchange service.
a cool store in London that has online shopping as well. Do not offer free returns.
a concept store in Geneva with 6 niche designers and a very cool selection. They offer free returns but take care that shipping from Geneva to EU implies custom tax.
the online store of the famous Parisian concept store. No free returns but then again, why would you return something from Colette?
the online store of the amazing L'Elaireur shops in Paris. These are really worth visiting in person but if you can't make it, part of their fabulous selection is available online. No free returns.
the online store of Pollyanna shop in Barnsley, UK. Designers selection small but very nice. No free returns.
the online store of All Saints brand. Free standard delivery but return is not free. 
the online store of COS brand. Good service but they deliver only to a limited region. 
as the name says, only shoes. their designer selection is quite small. Nevertheless, beautiful shoes can be found. 
the online store of Marni brand. Good service and delivery.
the online store of the French brand.
the online store of the brand. Good service and delivery.
large selection of designers, both premium and more affordable. Good service and free returns.
based in Denmark but delivers international. And they are nice enough to mention "gift" on delivery to countries outside EU to avoid custom taxed. Very nice mix of designers. No free returns.
based in Sweden but delivers international. Small selection of nice designers. Shipping quite expensive and no free returns.
puts together many online shops and acts like a search engine that re-directs you to the shop itself.
good for any pocket, but with some interesting brands as well. You might encounter some problems with delivery but it all turns good in the end.
online shop for pre-owned fashion. you can also sell your clothes or accessories here.

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