Tuesday, 7 August 2012

when I grow up, I want to be daphne guiness

There are people who overdress and people who underdress. There are some that clown themselves just to be noticed or that are screaming "pick me, pick me" through their choice of outfit. Some people care too much, while others do not care at all. And in this kaleidoscope, sometimes, if you're lucky, you can find someone that understands the whole point of it all. Her name is Daphne Guiness.

She dresses for the pure joy of it, as an expression and an extension of her own personality. And it's not for the public, it's not in any trend or style. It's simply herself. And for this, she is a muse, an inspiration, a diva and a true patron of fashion.

She can wear the most outrageous outfits with the greatest of ease, just like she can sit next to a 22 year old beauty and make her look pale and dull. And to top all that, she's British and daring and not afraid to speak her mind.

Here are some of her street outfits, which I always find inspiring. Even though, I know, I will never really understand those shoes...
photos: http://daphneguinness.tumblr.com/

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